R1 Negora Vs Header

Captain Americat and Batcat set with Mark Nagata

I had the huge honor to be invited by Mark Nagata to paint a Negora as a set with him. After a brief discussion we decided to go the super hero way, Captain America and Batman were the selected ones, Avengers leader Vs Justice League leader would be a cool set!

R1 Negora Vs 3

Mark hand sculpted Cap’ helmet and shield (a kitty shield), i simply added the spikes on Batman gloves and my girlfriend helped a lot by sewing the capes.

R1 Negora Vs 00

R1 Negora Vs 000

I also wanted each of them to be “unique” so i painted different eyes expression, only the wide opened eyes is an edition of 2.

R1 Negora Vs 4

Mark also handpainted each header cards for his negora, awesome!!

R1 Negora Vs 2

From NY to Gotham City Captain Americat and Batcat are ready to battle ^^

R1 Negora VS 1

Captain Americat Negora painted by Mark Nagata

Both are painted with Monster Kolor

Edition of 5

Kaiju Negora © Konatsu Produced by Max Toy Co


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