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Iron Man artwork commissioned by Coloris Coloring Global Concept

I’ve been commissioned by the company Coloris Coloring Global Concept to produce an artwork for their 2014 new year greeting card.

The only obligation was to feature their logo as the main element of the composition, i first had to think how to make toys and the logo coexist.

As the logo is very colorful i had the idea to create a firework, i made many versions before coming to this one.

2013 Iron Man %22Iron Coloris%22 logo feu

Then i had to figure what would have caused the firework and how to make it interact with toys. What’s more i’ve been asked to use a known character, i decided to use a SD Iron Man produced by Tideway, Who else than Tony Stark would have the luxury of lighting a massive firework while drinking champagne???

2013 Iron Man %22Iron Coloris%22lol

The picture has been printed on high quality photo paper in 50 ex, all numbered and signed, for the best clients of the company.



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