Kaws Blitz as suppositories to cure pain & fever

That’s an inside joke on the French discussion board Altertoys, the Blitz bomb by the artist Kaws looks like a suppository, so i decided to create an advertisement featuring that toy on a box of Doliprane (i don’t believe Doliprane does suppository in other countries but they do in France) Doliprane became Kawsiprane!

2009 Kaws Blitz %22Kawsiprane%22

I added the logo “as seen on ebay” as a wink to all the scalpers out there trying to sell toys x2 x3 x4 or even more retail price… There is also a mention that says “beware Kawsiprane abuse may cause severe overindebtedness”

Finally i inserted that pic in a real billboard.

2009 Kaws Blitz %22Pain & Fever%22 zzz

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