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Mini Mockbat Online Drop

Welcome on my freshly new website, it’s been years now that i wanted to have my own site to publish my photography works and now my customs, it has been possible thanks to the help of my friend Thrashy who worked very hard to make it as i wished it to be, thanks dude!!

To celebrate i’ve painted 5 Mini Mockbats, all one-off a kind, which will be available in the SHOP on Saturday the 16 th at 9 PM French time (3 PM EST, 12 PM PST) SOLD OUT

1st one painted with metallics purple, red, green and blue paint.

55 Mini Mockbat 00

55 Mini Mockbat 0

2nd one painted with metallics blue, green, yellow and purple paint.

56 Mini Mockbat 00

56 Mini Mockbat 0


3rd one is inspired by the tokusatsu Kikaider, painted with blue, red, yellow and orange paints while the shell is metallics orange and brown.

57 Mini Mockbat 00

57 Mini Mockbat 0

4th, that one features a chameleon paint on the shell, check the video for a sneak peak at the effect even if it doesn’t reflects perfectly how good it is in real life. Purple, red and orange paints the body.

58 Mini Mockbat 00

58 Mini Mockbat 0


5th one painted with teal, purple and pink paints while the shell is teal, blue and purple metallics. That one has glow in the dark brain, eyes, tongue and bloom.

59 Mini Mockbat 3

59 Mini Mockbat 0

59 Mini Mockbat 2

They all come bagged with header card, signed and numbered.55,56,57,58,59 BaggedPainted with Monster Kolor

Mockbat © Paul Kaiju Produced by Unbox Industries

Customs #55 #56 #57 #58 #59





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