“Not So Easy” Bemular attacks Paris airport!!

Back from a trip to Japan in 2011, waiting for a taxi in front of Orly airport tower of control in Paris, i had the idea to make it stomped by one of my favorite Kaijus, Bemular from Ultraman episode 1.


Here is a step by step of how i created that picture.

Bemular Step by Step

1-the raw pic of the airport tower of control.

2-Bemular and some clouds added.

3-i found some nice orange and white miniature planes to a toy store so it will be Easy Jet the victim!

4-Let’s add a storm!! What would be a Kaiju apocalypse without a terrible weather!!

5-Now it’s time to crush some buildings and add some smoke.

6-Then the last details but not least, some Raving Rabbids parachute jumping to escape their fate.


Close-up of one of the Raving Rabbids.


Here is the final result after hours on photoshop.

"Not So Easy" 2011 © Shifty

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