49 Mini Mockbat Header

Paul Kaiju Mini Mockbat Commission

Paul Kaiju’s Mini Mockbat Commission, the collector requested green, pink and black colors. The blank he sent me had a glow in the dark head so i played with c-thru colors to keep the gid effect.

49 Mockbat 00

49 Mockbat 0

49 Mini Mockbat 1

49 Mini Mockbat 2

When the light comes through the brain the eyes lights up!!

49 Mini Mockbat 4

Here is the glowing in the dark effect.

49 Mini Mockbat 5

Comparison shot of the first Mini Mockbat i painted as the collector requested similar colors.

49 Mini Mockbat 3

Painted with Monster Kolor

Mockbat © Paul Kaiju Produced by Unbox Industries

Customs #49

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